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There is an almost overwhelming amount of information accessible online and here we have attempted to provide you with a library of relevant quality information on human health, dermatology (problems and other issues associated with skin care), Alternative medicine, Herbal medicine and other closely related information.

It is our aim to provide you with free, accurate, quality information that is useful, easy to understand and practical.

Natural Organic Skin Care Products
Get nature's best to care for your skin. Wildcrafted's range of products only contain fresh, safe & effective certified organic ingredients.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a very large field and encompassed several medical systems such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Herbal medicine, Naturopathy & Hoemeopathy. It also covers natural therapies such as Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy and many more.

The Catalogue below is a selection of reputable, quality information you can use to gain additional knowledge and understanding.

Alternative Medicine, Herbal Medicine and other, related information
Articles covering a wide aspect of alternative medicine. You can learn how to make your own products and read in-depth articles on various modalities and therapies. The aim of these articles is to provide the reader with useful information on the types of alternative / natural therapies available, what they can offer you and how you can utilise alternative medicine for your health care.

Dermatology, Skin Care, Skin Problems & a range of Hints & Tips

This library contains a directory of articles written by Danny and Susan Siegenthaler who together have over 40 years of experience in the field on natural medicine. Danny is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and his wife Susan is a medical herbalist who has taught hundreds of student in medical aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

These articles draw on their years of clinical experience and provide the reader with high quality information about natural skin care and related topics.

In addition there are several Universities and medical references worth bookmaking. Many of them are great sources of authoritative information.

University of Maryland Medical Center.
UMM provides a great deal of quality information on dermatology. The information if well researched, backed by references from scientific sources and is written in mostly non-medical terminology. They also have a large authoritative section of information on herbal medicine.

Articles on Skin Care, Skin Problems and Solutions
Over 100 articles on all aspects of skin care, natural skin care products, natural approaches to treatment of skin disorders and much more.

Information on natural and organic skin care is very confusing to say the least. While we all know that we should avoid synthetic or artificial ingredients in our food and drinks, we are less well informed on the ingredients in our beauty and personal care products.

Merck Manual - Skin Disorders
The Merck Manual is a searchable, online reference text, that provides expert medical information.

Sun Damaged Skin: Avoiding skin damage from the Sun
The incidence of skin cancer is still rising even though there are warnings on TV and other media on a regular basis. Outdoor activities are great; They provide exercise and enjoyment, however, while outdoors we need to make sure we avoid risking sun damage to our skin.

Your Skin Care Regime for Spring
Spring is the time to rejuvenate your skin by following some basic steps: exfoliating, cleansing, nourishing, toning and moisturising. But there is much more to healthy, vibrant skin than a daily skin care regime. The following article provides some practical hints and tips on caring for your skin and preparing it for Summer.

Are You Finding Information on Natural and Organic Skin Care Confusing?
Information on natural organic skin care is very confusing to say the least. While we all know that we should avoid synthetic or artificial ingredients in our food and drinks, we are less well informed on the ingredients in our beauty and personal care products.

Oily Skin - Why You May Have Oily Skin & What To Do About It
Often, oily skin is associated with acne, however, here we will focus on the classic oily skin type and look at the causes and solutions for oily skin.

Skin Care Advice: The Good, Bad & The Ugly
There is a plethora of information about what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of our skin. The media is full of reports and the cosmetic/beauty companies run full-page advertisements in popular magazines telling you how you should take care of your skin and the various treatments you should impose on your skin.

Atopic Dermatitis: Medical Advances
Atopic dermatitis is increasing in prevalence and currently affects 15-30% of children in urban areas. Immune dysregulation and an impaired epidermal barrier are important factors in the pathogenesis of this disease. Pruritus and a chronic relapsing remitting course are hallmarks of the disorder, and sleep disturbance can occur in both the patient and family.


Alternative Medicine, Natural Therapies and Natural Therapy Clinics

Natural Herbal Skin and Personal Care Products
Wildcrafted Cottage is the first retail outlet for Wildcrafted Herbal Products and is a Natural Therapies clinic that provides Alternative Medical Services including traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, as well as several natural therapies ranging from remedial massage to Aromatherapy.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society
The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) is Australia's largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners, representing about 65% of the total complementary medicine profession. The complementary medicine profession consists of herbalists, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, homeopaths and naturopaths.

Natural Therapy Colleges

The College of Complementary Medicine delivers quality training in complementary medicine to empower you to fulfill your potential. Your success as a practitioner is our priority, so we offer proven support systems that address all facets of your training and future professional career.

Additional Resources

Natural Therapies Clinic
Wildcrafted Cottage is a natural therapies clinic located at Kurrajong Village, in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney. It is run by fully qualified, highly experienced and professionally accredited practitiners offering Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Medical Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and adjunct therapies including remedial massage.

eNatural - Natural Therapies Directory
Find a Natural Therapist near you with eNatural Natural Therapies Directory.

Online Healthcare and Medical Portal - directory index for medical resources, healthcare and health blogs
A portal - directory of healthcare websites, with the largest healthcare directory on the Internet, extensive medical content, doctors, dentists, hospitals, jobs, forums and classifieds.

How to Grow and Cook with Herbs | Practical Herb Tips
Simple and Easy Tips on Growing Herbs, herb cooking, starting a herb garden, herb crafts, free e-book and herb ezine.

How Natural Are Your Natural Skin Care Products?
So you’ve discovered that not all natural skin care products are in fact 100% natural. You’re right, many, if not most, do contain ingredients that are far from natural and include artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, synthetic emulsifiers, and much more that is less than natural.


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